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Leaders In Training Program

middle-litStudents who possess certain assets and skills in leadership are in the best position to succeed personally and academically.  Well developed leadership skills provide the competitive edge necessary when seeking school admission, scholarships, internships, employment and when interviewing for the same.

Students engaged in leadership in their communities in meaningful ways are more likely to help others and seek opportunities for civic engagement and community service throughout the span of their lives.

Research also shows that students involved in leadership programs are less likely to be involved in high risk youth behavior such as substance abuse, gangs, violence, and sexual promiscuity.

Our Leaders In Training Program is about both personal and community leadership where participants learn important leadership skills about how to lead their lives responsibly while helping to develop their leadership skill to positively impact their community and peers. The LIT programs are divided into two distinct groups, one for middle school-aged students and one for high school-aged students.

  • Build on the skill sets the students already possess to aid in their success
  • Add leadership skills that will make students more competitive in life
  • Expose the students to leadership from a variety of modalities that includes:
    • leaders in action;
    • leaders in service; and
    • leaders in active learning
    • Provide leadership training that is engaging, meaningful and fun
    • Develop a core of student leaders who can serve as peer leaders and role models in their school and in the community