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LIT: Leadership In Training Initiative – High School

The Leadership In Training (LIT) Program is a skill building leadership development program to create a core team of student leaders better able to lead their lives and to be leaders in their school, home, community and faith organizations.

The LIT program is for high school students who possess demonstrated or potential leadership skills as identified and recommended by school personnel and community leaders.


Criteria for becoming a Leader in Training:

  • The student must be a resident of Fayette County and enrolled in school.
  • The student must be in the ninth through the twelfth grade in the 2011-2012 school year.
  • The student must have a minimum grade point average of 2.6 to be considered
  • The student must have a good discipline record, no infractions for violent behavior, nor any suspensions or expulsions.
  • The student must be recommended by a administrator, counselor or teacher of the school they attend or a community leader
  • The student must be recommended based on demonstrated leadership skills or leadership potential.
  • The student must be able to participate in core training (this involves a short retreat).
  • The student must be willing to participate in service and leadership activities in their community, school, home or faith organization.
  • The student must be willing to submit a copy of their progress report or report card.
  • The students should be comfortable working with students from African American, Hispanic and other multi-cultural backgrounds.


Session Topics include:

  • Leadership 101 – personal and community leadership
  • Life Planning: Decision Making, Goal Setting, Time Management – help students develop the beginning of their individualized life plan
  • Adventure Trip – educational experience provides student with an opportunity to try something new and different in a guided environment
  • Fashion and Dress: What message am i sending? – explore how the choice of dress can send messages about the wearer
  • For Males/females Only: Can We Talk? – There are certain things that can only be said comfortably in a non-coed environment.
  • Public Speaking: How to Make Persuasive presentations
  • Financial Literacy: Being financially literate is an important leadership skill.
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style by Discovering Your TRUE COLORS – True Colors is a personality inventory that helps participants identify their leadership style.
  • Community Service and Civic Engagement: Why it Matters to You – community involvement is a sign that students possess a social and civic minded conscious.